Martand sun temple is situated at District Anantnag in Kashmir. Now, this temple is in ruins. why?

First we go through the historical Background of this Glorious Temple. This temple was built by King Lalitaditya in 8th century. The king Lalitaditya was very powerful ruler at that time. he conquered most of the Islamic rulers who wanted to conquer Kashmir. but the king had a vision to root out all the remains of Muslim Rulers who wanted to destroy the Hinduism from our country Bharat. He built this glorious temple with its unique structure and this was dedicated solely to Sun god. And its structure was built with unique style where structure was surrounded by Beautiful carved walls and water was filled inside the premises except the temple situated at its central portion of the premises. And a way from entrance to the central Part was built for devotees to reach to the temple easily.

The temple has its own glories and it was glorified by art and designs on the walls. Pujaris were there who took care of the temple. The temple is designed in such a way where the first ray of the sun use to fall on the temple. After the death of King Lalitaditya, a Muslim ruler Sikander Busht attacked on Kashmir and killed pujaris inside the Martand Sun Temple and burnt the whole structure. As per Historians, the structure was burnt continously since 1 one year. The glory of the structure has been lost and even the most important thing which has been lost was the glory of the Hinduism from Kashmir.

Now, many centuries and decades have been passed nut no progress seen by the government. No initiative take place by the government to restore even the structure. Now the Structure has been taken by Archaeological Survey of India. It is obvious that ASI would renovate it as an archaeological site. But why is it renovating as an archaeological site not as an worshiping temple? It seems that government is not serious and not concerned with the loss of the glory of Hinduism in Kashmir. They just want to collect money from structure by making it as an archaeological site and a tourist spot where Kashmiri Muslims would get employed. So all the monetary benefits would belong to the Employees, ASI and the Central Government. Its not the matter of renovation of the temple but the restoration of the glory of Hinduism.

now The Ikkjutt Jammu political party started this movement to renovate the Martand temple as a worshiping temple. we need your support. And soon we will win this fight.

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