(Breaking🛑)- “Four demolished temples in Pulwama District but not renovated yet!” by Advocate Amzi Arthur John (Member of Legal cell IkkJutt Jammu)

Reply by Tehsildar of Pulwama District regarding Demolished temples in Kashmir.

Advocate Amzi Arthur John who is also a member of legal cell ikkjutt Jammu, filed RTIs in many districts of Kashmir to know the status of demolished or those temples who are in dilapidated condition. On 17th April, 2021, Advocate John recieved reply from tehsildar of District Pulwama, Kashmir and he found that there are 3 demolished temples in Kashmir which are not renovated yet.

After 2014, when BJP came into power Modi Government promised Kashmiri pandits that they will bring back the glory of Hindus in Kashmir again. But still no big action or step taken by the central government for Dharma restoration in Kashmir. Government doesn’t seem to be serious regarding the Dharma restoration in Kashmir. Advocate Amzi Arthur John has initiated a mission to restore Dharma in Kashmir. He promised that IkkJutt Jammu Political party will take legal step towards Dharma restoration in Kashmir and will leave no stone unturned for the restoration of Dharma in Kashmir. And he also promised before the settlement of Kashmiri pandits in Kashmir.

There other replies which have not been submitted yet by other comcerned Districts yet. Advocate Amzi Arthur John will update on this issue soon.

One temple in Kashmir but in dilapidated condition, reply regarding this recieved by Advocate Amzi Arthur John (member of Legal Cell IkkJutt Jammu)

Reply of RTI recieved by Advocate Amzi Arthur John (Member of Legal cell IkkJutt Jammu)

Advocate Amzi Arthur John (Member of Legal Cell IkkJutt Jammu) recieved reply from Tehsil Qaimoh, District Kulgam in Kashmir. It is very unfortunate that there is no clear reply regarding allocation of funds from government but there is one temple in Tehsil which is in dilapidated condition and not even maintained yet. It’s not a sign of restoration and  even not an intention of government to restore glory of Hindus in Kashmir! As per Adv Amzi Arthur John (Member of Legal Cell IkkJutt Jammu) the BJP led government talks about the settlement of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir but from other side government even not attempted to restore the religious site for Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir.

As per him, “there is no intention of government can be seen to restore the glory of Hinduism in Kashmir.” Reply of RTI clearly shows the seriousness towards restoration of glory Hinduism in Kashmir. After 2014, no allocation of funds for dilapidated temples by the BJP government.


RTI filed by Ikkjutt Jammu Legal cell Member Advocate Amzi Arthur John to D.C Anantnag forwarded to the ASI, Agra regarding renovation of Martand Sun Temple Kashmir!

Forwarded RTI Advocate Amzi Arthur John by D.C Anantnag.

Advocate Amzi Arthur John member of legal cell IkkJutt Jammu filed R.T.I to the DC Anantnag for knowing the update of Martand Sun Temple situated at Anantnag, Kashmir has been forwarded to the Archeological Survey of India, Agra. Waiting for reply from ASI Agra. Ikkjutt Jammu want renovation of Martand Sun temple in Kashmir as Worshipping Temple but not as an archaeological site. Ikkjutt Jammu’s stand towards Martand is clear. The glory of Hinduism which has been lost must be restored completely including all kinds of religious practices in temple. As per him in the press Conference “the genocide against Kashmiri pandits can never be forgotten and if we want to secure Pandits in Kashmir then Dharma restoration is necessary in Kashmir.” #restoremartandmandir

This picture updated by Advocate Amzi Arthur John in his official instagram account.

IkkJutt Jammu demands restoration of ancient temples in Kashmir as Worshipping Temples for devotees addressed by Advocate Amzi Arthur John:-

Press conference(Part-1), held at IkkJutt Jammu Office addressed by Advocate Amzi Arthur John (Member of Legal Cell IkkJutt Jammu) along with other office bearers.

Today IkkJutt Jammu demanded renovation and restoration of ancient temples of Kashmir as Worshipping Temples for devotees. Legal Cell member of Ikkjutt Jammu Advocate Amzi Arthur John along with other office bearers and members of IkkJutt Jammu through a press conference emphasized the need to restore ancient temples as Worshipping Temples, especially Martand Sun temple situated at Anantnag in Kashmir, on priority.
He pointed out that the genocidal acts in Kashmir whether it happened in 8th century where all Hindus were killed by islamic rulers or in 20th century where Hindus of Kashmir were butchered and exiled through brutal force by terrorists. This is a continuous phenomena regarding genocidal acts in Kashmir against Hindus. Even in Genocide convention meaning of genocide is clear, “genocide is a crime that can take place in time of war as well as in time of peace. The definition contained in Article II of the Convention describes genocide as a crime committed with the intent to destroy a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, in whole or in part. It does not include political groups or so called “cultural genocide”.
Further, he also pointed out the deterioration of Martand Sun temple built in 8th century and where all structures were devastated by the islamic rulers in 15th century. The same acts got repeated in 20th century when terrorism was at its peak. They destroyed temples where Hindus worshipped. In all the incidents intentions were alike in nature and the events were almost same. Even after the exodus of Hindus and other non- muslims of Kashmir, they tried to vanish their existence by completely destroying the structures of Hindu temples. He demanded the renovation of Martand Sun temple along with other ancient Hindu temples not only as heritage site but as Worshipping Temples just as it existed in ancient times. He pointed out that structures of Martand Sun temple, which is rare in India, is in ruins. Even 2014 & 2019 massive mandates didn’t bring much effort to renovate it. Archeological survey of India trying to renovate it but it must not only renovate it as heritage site but as a worshipping temple to restore it’s past pristine glory. He emphasized that the lost of glory of Hindus of Kashmir must be reestablished completely by restoring their custom, culture and their religion on the soil of Kashmir.

(Press conference by Ikkjutt Jammu part-2)
(Press conference by Ikkjutt Jammu part-3)

Ikkjutt Jammu is a Political Party established in Jammu only with the objective to unite the people of Jammu and to make Jammu politically strong.

Team of Young Lawyers association, J&K High Court, Jammu today met and welcomed newly appointed Hon’ble Chief Justice!

Young Lawyers Association, Jammu presenting a flower bouquet to Hon’ble Chief Justice Sh. Pankaj Mithal for his welcoming!

Today team of Young Lawyers association, J&K High Court, Jammu today met and welcomed newly appointed Hon’ble Chief Justice, High Court of Jammu & Kashmir Sh. Pankaj Mithal, at Jammu & Kashmir High Court, Jammu. The team consisted of Mr. Nitin Bakhshi, President Young Lawyers Association, J&K High Court, Jammu,;Sarvesh Kotwal, Vice-President Young Lawyers Association, J&K High Court, Jammu; Madam Upasana Thakur, General Secretary Young Lawyers Association, J&K High Court, Jammu; Amzi Arthur John, Cashier Young Lawyers Association, J&K High Court, Jammu.
While presenting a flower bouquet to Hon’ble Chief Justice, Nitin Bakhshi , President Young Lawyers Association, J&K High Court, Jammu, said that today’s meet is organised with an objective to welcome the newly appointed Hon’ble Chief Justice, High Court of J&K and with his appointment, there is a arising hope among the young bar that the judicial system of J&K will work smoothly under his Chief Justice ship where young lawyers will also participate their part with dedication and honesty.

(Breaking🛑)- A girl found dead in Jammu!

A girl named ‘Sonam Manhas’ found dead!

Pls Aware
Dead body of a 25 years old girl namely Sonam manhas d/o Bhawan Singh r/o Talab tillo was today found in river Chenab near Siyad Baba Reasi. As per the information, the girl was missing from home since Sunday but today her dead body found near Siyad Baba Reasi. Police took the body into their custody for legal purposes.

(Breaking 🛑)- Traffic Police Jammu becomes Thug of Jammu! Shame on Traffic Police Jammu


Very shameful incident happened in bali nala Udhampur ,This truck driver was going from UP to Srinagar, in Bali Nala Udhampur traffic police stop him and asked him for entry Rs1000 but he said sir entry for what still he was ready to pay 500Rs to Traffic police. Traffic police took that money and asking for more money when he said that he doesnt have more money after that traffic police start beating him with wooden stick Traffic police hit him on his forehead and suddenly blood coming out from his forehead. This incident happend in front of us. After this incident traffic police run from that place . Shame on J&KTraffic Police.

Traffic Courts in Jammu closed due to Covid 19 and still Traffic imposing challans on violator. Some violators completely dependant upon the drving profession and now they are unable to retain vehicle transport from Court.

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(Breaking🎯)- Sanjay Raut must apologise for such language against Kangana Ranaut,’ states Dia Mirza (credits- Republic Tv)

Bollywood stars expressed their displeasure over Sanjay Raut’s derogatory attack against Kangana Ranaut. Right from calling it ‘utterly deplorable’ to ‘blatant misogyny’, there were some strong reactions to the Shiv Sena leader’s comment. Dia Mirza too ‘strongly condemned’ the comment, and sought an apology from the leader.

Reacting to the viral video where Raut used the cuss word, Dia Mirza wrote on Twitter, “Sir you have every right to express your displeasure for what Kangana has said but you must apologise for using such language.”null

Sonu Nigam, Ranvir Shorey, Anubhav Sinha, Ashoke Pandit were among the stars who condemned the use of the derogatory word at Kangana. Politicians like Sanjay Nirupam also hit out at the comment.

Raut had asked Kangana not to return to Mumbai, after she stated that she wouldn’t accept Mumbai Police’s protection, amid her sensational allegations of drug use by Bollywood stars. After asking if Mumbai had become like ‘Pakistan-occupied Kashmir’, she accused Shiv Sena of ‘promoting to Taliban’ after Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh backed Raut’s comment, as she announced that she is returning to the city on September 9.

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(Live Updates 🛑)- Big Breaking- Rhea about to Arrest Today by NCB! #SushantSinghRajputCase

Today Rhea Chakraborty reached NCB Office when Drug angle came out during the investigation in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput. As per NCB, Showik has links with Big Bollywood stars to who Showik used to sell drugs. Showik Chakraborty detained by NCB on Friday when NCB conducted a raid in Rhea’s house and Samuel’s house. After conducting Raid both Samuel and Showik Arrested. Before, Zaid and Basit also arrested who revealed that Showik is also a big drug peddler. Showik introduced Zaid with drug peddlers at football club where they met with each other and become friends.

Today on Sunday Rhea Chakraborty summoned by NCB at the timing of 10:30 but Rhea Chakraborty reached at 12:00 o clock unfortunately. Rhea Chakraborty is accused No.1 in the case and she is going to to be arrest today. NCB claims that they had much incriminating evidences against Rhea Chakraborty and Showik also confessed that Rhea used to ask Showik to arrange drugs and she used to adminster drugs to the SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT. Today, grilling is going on and Rhea most probably would be arrested by NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau). Our network will publish a video soon on this topic.


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(Live Updates 🛑)- Shame on Sanjay Raut! Arrest him! SANJAY RAUT used abusive language for Kangana! #shameSanjayRaut #ArrestSanjayRaut

On television news channel, shameless Sanjay Raut Shiv Sena leader calls KANGANA ‘HaramKhor’. Immediately he should be arrested. How dares him to call KANGANA this? Shame on Sanjay Raut! A Representative who is behaving like thug and hooligan not entitled to be a Representative. A Representative who has no respect for women and who used Abusive language for a women shouldn’t deserve to be a Representative. He should be arrested immediately.

A man Sanjay Raut- Shiv Sena MP who has no Shame, no moral values and no manners tried to defame Sushant’s father also. To whom he trying to save? Very soon, mastermind will be arrested remember Sanjay Raut if you read our article. You are the person who defends accused and targets Victims. These type of Deshdrohis should be arrested immediately!!! Now our network asks where are those feminist groups for Kangana? Shame on those also!!

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