(Live Updates 🛑)- Big Breaking- Rhea about to Arrest Today by NCB! #SushantSinghRajputCase

Today Rhea Chakraborty reached NCB Office when Drug angle came out during the investigation in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput. As per NCB, Showik has links with Big Bollywood stars to who Showik used to sell drugs. Showik Chakraborty detained by NCB on Friday when NCB conducted a raid in Rhea’s house and Samuel’s house. After conducting Raid both Samuel and Showik Arrested. Before, Zaid and Basit also arrested who revealed that Showik is also a big drug peddler. Showik introduced Zaid with drug peddlers at football club where they met with each other and become friends.

Today on Sunday Rhea Chakraborty summoned by NCB at the timing of 10:30 but Rhea Chakraborty reached at 12:00 o clock unfortunately. Rhea Chakraborty is accused No.1 in the case and she is going to to be arrest today. NCB claims that they had much incriminating evidences against Rhea Chakraborty and Showik also confessed that Rhea used to ask Showik to arrange drugs and she used to adminster drugs to the SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT. Today, grilling is going on and Rhea most probably would be arrested by NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau). Our network will publish a video soon on this topic.


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(Live Updates 🛑)- Shame on Sanjay Raut! Arrest him! SANJAY RAUT used abusive language for Kangana! #shameSanjayRaut #ArrestSanjayRaut

On television news channel, shameless Sanjay Raut Shiv Sena leader calls KANGANA ‘HaramKhor’. Immediately he should be arrested. How dares him to call KANGANA this? Shame on Sanjay Raut! A Representative who is behaving like thug and hooligan not entitled to be a Representative. A Representative who has no respect for women and who used Abusive language for a women shouldn’t deserve to be a Representative. He should be arrested immediately.

A man Sanjay Raut- Shiv Sena MP who has no Shame, no moral values and no manners tried to defame Sushant’s father also. To whom he trying to save? Very soon, mastermind will be arrested remember Sanjay Raut if you read our article. You are the person who defends accused and targets Victims. These type of Deshdrohis should be arrested immediately!!! Now our network asks where are those feminist groups for Kangana? Shame on those also!!

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(Live Updates 🛑)- Sushant Death Probe: Rhea summoned by NCB; seeks Mumbai police protection. (Credits-Republic Tv)

The CBI, ED and NCB are currently involved in the investigation of the Sushant Singh Rajput case. Rhea Chakraborty, her brother Showik and Sushant’s associates like Samuel Miranda are under lens. Soon after the NCB issued a summon to Rhea Chakraborty, sources have informed that the actor has sought security from the Mumbai Police. Rhea will join the investigation on Sunday at 11 am and wil ltravel in her own vehicle to the NCB office, as per sources.

In the latest development, sources have informed that Rhea Chakraborty has been summoned by the NCB at 11 am for interrogation on Sunday. Further, sources also informed that there wil lbe no exceptions & that rhea will have to join the investigation on Sunday. NCB team & Police leave from residence of #RheaChakraborty. Joint Director of NCB, Sameer Wankhede says, “Summon has been given to Rhea. She was at her home.” NCB issued summon to Rhea asking her to join the investigation, and come either on her own or with the team.

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(Live Updates 🛑)- NCB about to Reveal 14 big Bollywood names involved in Drug Racket with Showik Chakraborty brother of Rhea Chakraborty. #JusticeforSSR

After the detention of Showik Chakraborty, electronic devices seized from the Showik by NCB. NCB sought 7 days custody of Showik Chakraborty. In an electronic devices, 14 big Bollywood names have been exposed and retained by NCB to whom Showik used to Supplied Drugs. It means Rhea through Showik made enter into Sushant’s life to make Sushant addict for drugs. It was criminal conspiracy done by Big names in Bollywood.

It is to be noted that when NCB would reveal the big names of Bollywood, everyone will get shocked and nobody will believe it. Because maybe we have liked those actor or actresses. But when we would hear that those big names involved in Drug peddling or racket definitely we would get a huge disappointment. But guys remember don’t get disappoint when you will hear the news because we have to fight for Sushant Singh Rajput and we will fight till the end. In previous days, Kangana asked Vickey Kaushal and Ranvir Singh to give blood samples for blood test to prove everybody wrong that they didn’t consume drugs ever. But they did not respond over Kangana remarks. Be ready in some days whole world will listen the big names of Bollywood

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(🎯Breaking)Death Connection of Disha Salian and Sushant’s Hard Disk! Breaking! Watch Now! #SushantSinghRajputCase

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Death Connection of Disha Salian and Sushant’s hard disk? How? Shocking! Watch the video! In this video our network revealed the death connection of Sushant’s HardDisk and Disha Salian. Watch the video and like our video of you like our work, subscribe our channel and share our videos.


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(Live Updates 🛑)- Mitu Singh- Sister of Sushant Singh Rajput comes with CBI team. #SushantSinghRajputCase

Today, Meetu Singh-sister of Sushant Singh Rajput comes with CBI in Sushant’s flat. CBI team along with AIIMS doctors reached Sushant’s flat to recreate the scene. When Sushant Singh Rajput died Meetu Singh-sister of Sushant Singh Rajput reached Sushant’s house immediately. When Meetu saw his dead body then she clicked picture of his dead body.

When CBI summoned Meetu Singh, Meetu Singh showed Picture of Sushant’s dead body to CBI and AIIMS doctors, they stunned and said it is 100% murder, it’s not a suicide. The picture showed by Meetu Singh changed the scenario of crime scene again. Now to verify the facts, CBI team will again recreate the Scene. Today NCB seeks 7 day custody of Showik Chakraborty and Rhea would be likely to be arrested soon by NCB because NCB got much incriminating evidences against Rhea Chakraborty- drug peddler.

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(Live Updates 🛑)- In Sushant’s case, NCB to produce Showik Chakraborty & Samuel Miranda in court on Saturday (credit- Republic TV) #Flag4SSR #ArrestRhea

Pic credit- go travel bloggee

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) is all set to produce Showik Chakraborty and Samuel Miranda in the court on Saturday. The NCB arrested Rhea Chakraborty’s brother Showik and Sushant Singh Rajput’s ex-house manager Samuel Miranda in connection with the ongoing ‘drug angle’ probe in the Sushant’s death case. The arrests were made after marathon questioning since Friday morning and house raids. As per sources, NCB team has collected crucial data evidence including phone, and laptop after raids at Rhea’s residence.BREAKINGNCB arrests Showik Chakraborty, Samuel Miranda after admitting to drugs procurementREADAdvertisement

Sources have quoted NCB official and told Republic TV that the agency will seek custody of Showik and Miranda. They added that both will be interrogated in custody to unravel more details about the procurement, transportation and usage of the narcotics. Sources said that the agency has a “strong case”  and it is looking into “the drug citadel in Mumbai, and especially Bollywood” in this case. Reiterating that houses of Showik and Miranda were being searched as per “procedural” action, sources said that the agency has gathered additional evidence after raids. They also said Rhea can be summoned soon, however NCB in its official statement after arrest said that there should not be any speculation in this regard. 

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(Live Updates 🛑)- Showik Chakraborty and Samuel Miranda about to produce in court on Saturday, Today. #ArrestRhea #Flag4SSR

After the NCB(Narcotics Control Bureau) landed over Mumbai , instant action seen by NCB. NCB detained two Drug peddlers first and them sought 10 days custody. Two Drug peddlers namely Zaid and Basit. Basit revealed that he met with Showik at Football club. And Showik introduced him with parties from whom they buy drugs.

NCB yesterday on Friday conducted raid in Rhea and Samuel Miranda’s house and afterthat Samuel and Showik taken into custody after which both have arrested but today both have to be produced by court by NCB for seeking custody from the court. Apart from this, Showik Chakraborty confessed that he used to buy drugs on Rhea’s demand. It means Rhea was completely involved in the case.

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(Live Updates 🛑)- Mastermind in Sushant Singh Rajput case is about to arrest soon. Watch this video made by our blogging network. #Flag4SSR #Justice4SSR

How can be Mastermind in the case arrested? Watch this video.


Go through the link and watch the video. In this video we discussed about the fault of Mumbai Police while doing inquiry under inquest proceedings. And the real face of Bollywood, how Bollywood plays the game on the lives of someone. How suicide theory spread and how the PR machinery worked within the 10 minutes after Sushant’s death.

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(Live Updates🛑)- Sushant was already working on it? Codings of game must be investigated; connection of Akshay Kumar with programmed codings of the game must be investigated! #Flag4SSR #FAUgmustbeinvestigated

Akshay Kumar released FAU-G after banning of Pubg and we all know and according to Sushant’s producer friend Sushant was working on it. #FAU-Gmustbeinvestigated

Today, Akshay Kumar who is very close to Aditya Thackeray launched a game after banning of Pubg. It was already on the air and Sushant’s producer’s friend told media that Sushant was learning coding for making the game. And we have suspect that this game is linked to Sushant’s coding. How? Let’s discuss.

According to Sushant’s producer’s friend, Sushant was extremely intelligent and he was learning coding for making game during lockdown. And he was working on it. But where is those coding programmed by Sushant. As per Pithani to CBI, some men came and cleaned Sushant’s computer’s harddisk. And Sushant agitated then somebody phone called him and threatened him. Who threatened Sushant Singh Rajput? What were the documents in harddisk? There is connection. Mastermind maybe cleaned Sushant’s harddisk and transferred it to his computer. The coding must be checked now! Something is not right. Suddenly Akshay Kumar released his game after banning of Pubg.

And we will show Akshay’s latest pic with someone after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. And you can assume and connect all the gaps between the facts. See here;

You can clearly see Akshay Kumar and Aditya Thackeray together after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. And Akshay Kumar is also the person who is quiet for Sushant Singh Rajput from the beginning and also given suicide theory for Sushant. #FAU-gmustbeinvestigated

Here You can clearly see Akshay Kumar and Aditya Thackeray after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. And Akshay Kumar is also the person who is quiet for Sushant Singh Rajput from the beginning and also given suicide theory for Sushant. Akshay Kumar is a nationalist who has the citizenship of Canada. So, the source code must be checked and investigated who programmed this and what is the source of those codes must be investigated. Copyright must be checked. Here you can understand the connections of every facts. We will not say it can be right but it must be investigated. More sting operations needed here.

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