(Live Updates🛑)- NCB Summoned Samuel Miranda and Showik Chakraborty; when did CBI find culprits? #SushantSinghRajputCase.

When NCB landed over Mumbai for the investigation of Drug Angle to investigate in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput, two Drug peddlers detained by NCB Zaid and Basit. They both revealed to NCB that Showik Chakraborty is a drug peddler and even he arranged drugs for his father Inderjit Chakrborty. After the revelation from drug chat of Showik Chakraborty with Zaid where he discussed about the drugs and he was willing to buy drugs for his father, that means his father knew everything about the consumption of drugs by his son and daughter.

After the revelation made by Zaid, now NCB summoned Showik Chakraborty and Samuel Miranda. But what is the connection of both? After starting from drug angle, people started asking ‘why murder angle is not investigating but drug angle investigating?’

We have to understand the process of investigation. CBI collected forensic reports but unfortunately there is no proper procedure followed due to which it is difficult to reach to the proper conclusion. Alongwith, flats not strictly sealed by the traitor Mumbai Police so no evidence reserved. If it’s reserved, it is very difficult to recognise the evidence. But during interrogation, CBI reached to the point that murder of SSR linked to the Drug angle and Bollywood Mafias. So they are trying to come on the point from the drug angle. When whole Bollywood cartel would expose then automatically culprits will come on front. Today Vikas Singh Advocate of Sushant’s family will conduct a press conference where he will present new facts of the case.

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(Live Updates 🛑)- Basit and Zaid detained by NCB who supplies drugs to Showik Chakraborty. #SushantSinghRajputCase


After NCB landed over Mumbai, NCB instantly started investigation and the big Breaking is that D.G of NCB reached Mumbai to monitor the case himself. Sushant Singh Rajput who was going to expose the real face of Bollywood Mafias now these mafias are getting exposed day by day. After the investigation started by NCB, two Drug peddlers detained by the NCB, fir st they detained namely ‘Zaid’ who revealed that he supplied drugs to Showik Chakraborty and he buys those drugs from a peddler namely ‘Basit’.

According to NCB reports, big names of Bollywood Mafias involved in the case. And two Mumbai based politicians are also involved in the drug peddling case. CBI interrogated Rhea’s parents for 9 hours. And ED interrogated drug Peddler ‘Gaurav Arya’ who had whatsapp chat with Rhea Chakraborty where they mentioned Ganja, heroine and all narcotic Substances. Truth shall prevail.

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(Live Updates🛑)- Attempt by Bollywood Mafias to stop Republic Tv for reporting Sushant Singh Rajput case. We are with Republic Tv. #WearewithRepublic

After the transfer of Sushant case from Mumbai Police to Central Bureau of Investigation, CBI interrogated Pithani, Neeraj, keshav and Deepesh Sawant. Now CBI is interrogating Rhea Chakraborty, Showik Chakraborty and her parents. CBI interrogated Rhea Chakraborty 4 times and now CBI summoned Rhea’s parents for interrogation today.

As we all know that how PR machinery works in such a way that from the beginning of the case they tried to attack on personal life of Sushant’s family and even manipulated the story of the death of our beloved Sushant. They tried to makeover the story of Sushant that he committed suicide but due to so much contradictions and unusual circumstances in the case people did not accept it. In the beginning, when no media channel was covering up the story of Sushant Singh Rajput in order to fear the lack of TRP level, then two news channels covered up the story and dedicated their prime time shows for Sushant without keeping any fear in mind about lack of TRP level. They covered up the story and recognised the feelings and investigation of public regarding the case.

After recognition, they did many sting operations. And these two news channels are Republic Tv and Times Now. After many efforts of these two news channels, facts have arisen, Government have started to pay attention towards the case and finally case has been transferred from Mumbai Police to Central Bureau of Investigation. As we know that Mr. Arnab Goswami editor in chief of Republic Tv exposed Mumbai Police specially DCP Trimukhe who should be accused in the case and Paramvir Singh Commissioner of Mumbai Police.

From the beginning, PR machinery of Bollywood Mafias tried to shut the reporting of Republic Tv and Times Now regarding the SSR’s case. After the interrogation of Rhea Chakraborty by CBI, Rhea reached to the Santacruz Police station to register an FIR against Republic Tv and Times Now channel to stop their reporting regarding SSR’S case. Unfortunately PR machinery of Bollywood Mafias failed to do it because they don’t know the public is with Republic Tv and Times Now and they think that they control the system but this concept is wrong because if public will control the system then nobody can stop it.

If Republic Tv and Times Now reading this blog in our network we want to say we are with them and keep doing your work regarding reporting of SSR’s case and we fully support you. If you will also want to support Arnab Goswami and Times Now then comment on comment box.

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